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The next halving and why you should own a bitcoin or two.

I have been able to get some very successful people into bitcoin over the past year. Even during this bear market I have stayed extremely positive. My predictions that I have presented to people have been extremely accurate.
I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. When I was 12 years old my family moved to an even smaller town called Salem WV. Early 1990s. I was starving for communication and social interaction. One day a kid I went to school with invited me over to play his PS1, a game called Loaded had just came out. While we were playing I heard a young man yelling and smashing something. I asked what it was, he said it was his teenage brother. So I walked to his room and there sat a 16 year old with a broken keyboard, irate at his dos screen. I asked him why he was mad, he told me about this thing called the internet. You can talk to people online he said. He was designing a search engine he proclaimed. He showed me how to hook in a phone line so we could send data back and worth when I was home in the country from my computer. He gave me an AOL mod account he hacked and something called AOHell. I quickly found out I could make people online have a terrible experience, I could also trade porn files peer to peer.
I transferred back to a school in the city when I was 15. The gang I ran with rode skateboards. We went to one of my friends houses and in his room with 5 other guys I noticed a computer in the corner. I told them that I could hook a phone line to the back and get porn for free. No one believed me, so that's what I did. The kid was amazed that I could get magic naked girls to appear out of no where. He yelled for his mom to see. I wasn't allowed to come back after that.
I later figured out how to use my scanner at 16 years old and to change my newly issued drivers license age to 21. Soon many of my friends were able to buy beer. I got into trouble over that and then they put holograms on the new IDs.
I figured out how to set up a hacked copy of recording software. Set up a studio to record rap songs when I was 20 years old. It was very exciting.
This is a pattern with technology I have repeated over and over. It's fascinating to me. What can be accomplished with the internet. It is complete freedom.
I ran into bitcoin years ago. A buddy of mine in South Korea told me about it online. So I decided to research it and fell in love with the design. Before this in 2007 I had designed a business and posted it online. It was about taking digital properties off one platform and selling them to other people. In world of warcraft you could mine ore or gold and sell it to other players on Ebay. This was very intriguing to me. I feel very connected to bitcoin because of certain similarities and parallels.
I followed and tinkered with it a bit and fell in love. I never really thought about it as the best investment in the world until the last halving in 2016 and saw what happened in 2017. I remember bitcoin hitting $2000 and thinking it was scary. You couldn't go wrong then and everyone involved looked like a genius. I'd tell people it was going to hit $10,000. Then it did and a couple of my friends sold theirs. I always just spent mine. These crypto charts speak to me. I'm here because I believe I am the best at what I do. I knew the market would turn bear.
It's been very good to me on the small holdings I've been able to accumulate. I came to reddit 6 months ago when John Oliver roasted bitcoin. He said there were hundreds of thousands of people here that were like me. I'm very glad I came and today is my 6 month old birthday on reddit and I've meant some amazing people. Thought I would share in my favorite sub.
What I believe is next:
Bitcoin is a deflationary currency guaranteed to go up in value. This bear market could last a while, it could end this month. It could also stay at a 6000 dollar to 7000 for the next year. What I do know for a fact is that when it is 2021 bitcoin will be over 6 figures. I'd like to think we will be over 10,000 by 2019. The next halving is going to be mid 2020. The 12.5 bitcoin miner reward gets cut to 6.25. What I would recommend you do between now and the next halving is accumulate as much bitcoin as possible. You cannot go wrong at 6000 to 7000, in a 3 to 5 year hold it really won't matter. I am mining and buying as much as possible to this day. If you are sitting on 1 bitcoin come 2025, you'll be very wealthy and never have to work. Things will be very different then. Get your satoshis up and hodl tight. There is no better investment in the world.
Thank you reddit for having me, cheers.
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