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When alprazolam powder ran through the postal system like gold

So roughly around the end of winter in 2015 going on 2016 I was finishing up college for my computer networking degree. I was a avid silk road customer with ties to Xanaxman and few others I wont mention but mostly all are incarcerated now. With real alprazolam xanax powder flowing through the postal system like gold in the hills, there were 2, 2.5, and 3 and even 4mg pressed xanax bars being sold for .20 cents to 75c per pill. As a college student in a college town and experimenting with different drugs every weekend I knew I could make some money.
I quickly made friends with one of the biggest xanax distributors on the silk road. We actually had conversations daily and I considered him a friend. He would explain his press machine, the way he operated his business and allot of personal information as we just clicked and quickly a friendship became. From going to selling 1000 every 2 weeks for 3$ ea and customers coming back like clockwork this quickly went to 5k a week selling bulk. He would eventually front me 20k sent 4 packages to 4 different addresses that I knew my friends wouldn't mind for cash.
This is where I knew I fucked up. With cash coming in like I've never seen before I literally could do or go anywhere. I was on top of the world. ( I'll get back to this in a second). One afternoon I woke up from a night at the bar, head still spinning and that good next day feeling from the benzos. As I tried rubbing the sleep off my eyes I stumbled out of my roommates bed onto his glass table breaking the entire thing, shattering it into hundreds of peices. How I didn't get hurt is beyond me.
As I lay on the ground very confused and panicked I look at the ceiling fan which is on, swinging a belt from the blades around and around. I get up cussing at my self and remember yelling out to my roommate to come here. I took the belt off the fan and noticed it wasn't mine and a wallet came off with the belt that was holding it down. I looked at the wallet, I had no idea who this person was.
After sitting down for a second trying to recollect from the night before I get up and go to the living room where I see my front door wide open I freak out worried my dog got out but I ran to my room which door was closed and thankfully he was on the bed looking at me like mother fcker you have some big problems. Sigh of relief my pup was there but shit and piss was everywhere.
Now to find my phone. I tore up my roommate's bedroom looking for my phone. No luck. As a few hours passed I got a more worried as I totally blacked out the night before and couldn't remember anything after popping 3 3mg xanax and flow of drinks. I realized I was supposed to be getting a package this day and went out to mailbox but nothing was there. Little freaked out I came back inside and grabbed my burner phone and called one of my drops. The package wasn't there either, nor was any of them.
I then drove to the bar I was last at the night before and not even 3 steps in the owner stopped me and said sir you are no longer allowed in here after what happened last night and I'm calling the police. Stunned, I said I don't remember what happened last night and whatever I did I'll pay for the damage. He said the only thing you broke was a pool stick across a police car and you and your friend got into a fight with 5 college students. I looked down and things were starting to come to me. He said police were looking for me and my roommate was in jail. Very confused I thanked him and gave him 100$.
So I assume the wallet was one of the persons I got into a fight with. I go to address on ID but no one answered so I left it on the chair on the front porch. Why the hell was a belt and his wallet on the blade of my ceiling fan? So many questions I had. I come home and get on my computer to see where my packages were at before I call the jail. All packages said they needed to be picked up at post office sig required. This freaked me out beyond belief. How was I going to tell this vendor I wouldn't be able to pay for 40k bars that were fronted. Logged off my account and got off my chair and a knock on the door. I hit my toe on the edge of my bed and there was my phone, I was very happy. I plugged it in and went to front door. It was a police officer.
Freaking out, I didn't know what to do so I just stood behind the door panicking. I ran to my safe and put everything I had in there which I hadn't used in years because I forgot the code to get in. Along with the drugs was my random generated pin for my btc wallet. As I closed it I very loudly shouted FUCK as I watched it closed remembering I didn't know the code. I'll just worry about it later I told myself and rushed to door. Officer asked if I was at the bar last night where the incident happened I said yes I was and he asked if I could come down to station to write a affidavit. Agreeing nervously as I didn't want more cops to come or come inside my house he let me follow him up there.
As i sit down he asks me questions about the fight and said my roommate had broken one guys jaw that's why he was in jail. I told him honestly sir I blacked out, defended myself and I don't remember how I got home. He said I was told you were running down the street with only shoes on and a belt. I looked down and busted out with a laugh saying sir there is no way that's accurate. With the straightest face he said does it look like I would make this up. My face was white as a ghost and I looked down again apologizing asking if I was in trouble. He stated there was nothing on camera about the fight nor was the guy pressing charges. Thought maybe this day will finally get better.
So he said to fill out the affidavit best of my knowledge and I asked when my friend was getting out since no charges were being filed. He said when he calms down as he was still in the drunk tank. I left there wth only one thing on my mind, how in the hell am I going To get these packages.
I was honestly scared and figured they were seized but wondered why I didn't get a controlled delivery instead. Not that I was complaining but I was still freaked out about losing 40K bars and how is it going to explain it to my silk road vendor. Days go and pass and about a week later I find over 200 people had had controlled deliveries across the US and my vendor had been arrested. I had been so scared these past few days that I haven't even thought about getting back into the safe as I had bars laying around the house that I was taking to call my anxiety and so I didn't have any type of come down in decided to wing myself off now that I Was facing possible charges on these packages.
3 weeks pass and I finally try to get the remaining bars I had left from the safe and remember about my btc wallet code. This wasnt a 100$ safe it was a family members huge gun safe that was like a bank vault. My roommate and I tried to get into that safe for 3 days straight doing anything and everything I could and nothing would budge. I was out of options. I finally gave up and given up selling xanax as I was afraid of the possible consequences that might occur.
Almost a year later when I moved out of the house I had a few friends of mine get to say from the back of The truck to take it out to a lease to blow it up with tannerite. It took us a few days of blowing up, shooting it and putting a drill to the corners we finally opened it. I had forgotten how many drugs were actually in there. Finding my btc pass for my wallet I was really excited as the price of bitcoin had gone up substantially. It was all there. Ended up being close to 65k worth of btc. It was a glorious day. I was completely off all drugs and had all this bitcoin.
Nothing ever came about the packages and I moved far away from where I went to college. Looking back it was a fun, dangerous ride but wouldnt change a thing. Unfortunate events for my buddy being busted for his lab and I eventually found him in prison system and sent a letter anonymously saying I can send him money to family if he wanted. I never got a letter back and dont know if he even got the letter. Craziest thing I've ever done but wouldn't of gone back to do it any different. Bars took a tole on me and I'm very fortunate I even came out of the situation not in jail or repercussion for owing someone money. Oh the good ol days...?
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11-18 22:43 - 'List of bitcoin person-to-person (P2P) Exchanges (e.g., Bisq, HodlHodl, LocalCoinSwap, etc.)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/cointastical removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2807-2817min

Following is a list of P2P exchanges for trading Bitcoin. Common payment methods include bank transfer, cash deposited in the seller's bank account, in-person cash (face-to-face) trades as well as payment networks such as Zelle, Alipay, even Cash App and PayPal, for example.
Any that I am missing?
Altcoin-only P2P Trading exchanges
AggregatoSearch and Helper Sites
Note: If you use one of the above P2P OTC trade "matchmaking" services, please [trade with caution]45 and do your own due diligence.
This list does not include exchanges not in English (e.g., [58Coin]46 ), deserted or defunct marketplaces (e.g., Cancoin), not-yet launched (e.g., [OTCBoss]47 , []48 ), ones that operate only through [dark markets]49 , or online-only [DEX/decentralized exchanges]50 ([another list of DEXes]51 ).
Also, there are a number of variants that I didn't list:
Additions, corrections, and other feedback welcome and can be submitted via [e-mail]88 .
[Note: This post is a continuation of an [earlier post]89 that has since been archived and locked. There is also a [corresponding post on Medium]90 with this information as well.]
List of bitcoin person-to-person (P2P) Exchanges (e.g., Bisq, HodlHodl, LocalCoinSwap, etc.)
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Author: cointastical
1: bisq.n*tw**k 2: HodlHo**.c*m 3: lightnin*n*t*orkstor*s*co*/w*ll*ts 4: local**i** 5: www.l*cal*igh*n*n*.ne* 6: lightni*gn****rk*tores.c*m/wa*lets 7: a*o*adesk.*om 8: *ounte**netwo*k 9: *a*l*fcoi* 10: pa*fair.i* 11: bu*cryp*o.**day 12: www.*it****buy 13: *emi*a* 14: *o*al**-bit*o** 15: my*el*um*com*lt/he*p.h*ml 16: *ww.**ce*ium.*om/lt/*/ 17: L*calBitco*n*.*om 18: *tc.huob*.**/en-us/*r*d*/buy-b*c/ 19: otcb**ell_o*fers*currency=****a*p;*iat_c**r*ncy=*n***mp;*ayment_**pe=all 20: c*y***al 21: liber*l*o** 22: ***/buy-b**c**n 23:****p 24: www*g*o*tus.**m/p2p 25: bitz*ato.c*m/p** 26: bu*coins.afric*/*** 27: w***swapngo*org 28: red**t.c*m*C*sh4Cas* 29: *e*d*t.**m/r*C*sh4**sh/co*ments/6zz7r7 30: redd*t*com***ftC*rdE*change 31: re**t**rd*x**ange/*omme*t*/2*ig0*/ 32: *eddit**om/BitMa*k** 33: redd**/giftca*d**cha*ge/comm*n**/2***0n/ 34: b**halo.or* 35: op*nbazaar.c*m/discove*/re***ts*?t**e=cr**t*cur*ency 36: *o***mone**nero 37: *ocalet*ereu*.co* 38: a*p*d* 39: ***a* 40: trustless*e*hfi***/*tc 41: **c.Hubi.c*m 42: ww*.kucoin**om/o*c 43: co*ne*t* 44: Exc*an*eRa*es*pro 45: w*w**ry*to***order*com/2019*02/08**h*ngs-you*wa*t-t***now-before-buying-bit*oi*s-from-a-p*p-ma*k**p**c* 46: c2c.**ex*com 47: ga*.c**/*TCBOSS 48: *ismo*io 49: 99*itco*ns.c**/ac*ess*ng-da*k-net**nder*minu*es-be*i*n*r*-gui*e 50: www.*rypt*mo***w*com/2*19*02/06/li**-of-d*x-*rypt*-exc*an*es 51: distribu**d.*i***b.*o/index 52: www.b***oinpi**de/bit*oi*-*tore 53: w*w.*hehouseo***kamo*o**o*/*n/standort 54: *u*Bitcoin.Lon**n 55: *u* 56: y*p*cx 57: bi*co*nd*a*er**y***tcoins.h*ml 58: w*w.c**ptop*ug*n*lewoo*.com 59: *ebito**com 60: c*in*fy.c*m 61: coi*corn*r.*o* 62: *pp.*ub***o*debu* 63: bi*tyliciou**c*m 64: b*tir*lan*.ie 65: m*ney.k*na*io 66: www.lite*it.*u/***buy 67: *oni*.com 68: *rypto*o*cher.*o 69: getsat***i*org/ 70: li*htningne**orkst*r*s.*om*wallet* 71: w*w.b*tquic*.co/qu**k*buy 72: *as*.ap*/bi*coin 73: w*w.*ardcoin*.co* 74: cry*tovou*** 75: bitof.**/ 76: **dor*.*t*l 77: fa**bitco*ns.***/#*ocations 78: lib**tyx.c*m 79: www.ri*ewall*t*com*loc*t*o*s 80: Co*nA*MRadar**om 81: ww**c*ins*ar.c*m/b*tcoin 82: coinm*.com*k*os*s 83: www*sbb.c*/en*st*tion-se*vic*s/services**urther-**r*i*es*ticket-*a**ine-serv*ces/b*tc*i*.**m* 84: pur**.io 85: Lam*um.i* 86: *ii*p* 87: *e**c**ntastical/bit*o*n-cry**o-o*c-**a**n**desks-7f77276*6dc 88: *oin***[email protected]*mail.*om 89: redd*t***m/Bitcoin/c*mm**ts*b2*j6k 90: m*****ointa*tic*l*p2p-otc-e*change*-*-g-lo*al*itco**s-*i*q-hodlho*l*etc-*0f293a*c7**
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How MXE ruined my life [long]

MXE (ROFLCOPTR) Methoxetamine is a dissociative party drug that's legal to buy online. In my experience there isn't another high like it. If you've tried it you'd likely know the truth of that statement. It's like a stupefying buzz that's extremely memorable. In my opinion it's like there's a voice controlling your body that you don't listen to and you kinda just follow along like it's a movie.
Anyway, it was fun but it got me into a fuckton of trouble. I couldn't speak my mind while on it and I'm pretty sure I couldn't walk straight. It's a fun drug to share with a friend and to watch what they say and do next (granted I never got to do that).
So what happened? Well.. sigh (⇀‸↼‶). I had taken MXE earlier that night while streaming (mostly due to boredom). I had purchased bitcoins online to buy Pemoline, an old ADHD stimulant medication. I was previously diagnosed with adHD but after my latest hospital visit they decided to take me off them even though I decided to take them the day of the Donald Trump event (like that matters).
So, in my dumb state, I made the transfer using the site's wallet and not one of my own. That being said I received an e-mail from the site saying they "informed the government" causing me to freak out maybe too much so. Something, for whatever reason (I still blame the MXE), caused my brain not to click to reality. I wasn’t really in trouble (at this point)… but something in me believed that I was completely and totally fucked. I thought that the federal government was on their way to arrest me because the vendor was run by the govt (not the case). Note I hadn’t played GTAV in a while ఠ_ఠ
What did I do? Probably the most retarded thing imaginable that wouldn’t land you in jail. I first tore up my apartment, then went outside and ripped up some grass, then ran to my car naked thinking it’d be best to drive to my parent’s, then I wrote REKT on my bathroom mirror in red hair dye, then packed up a bag full of 35+ nootropics and started to run for it. Yea, smart huh. I get to the center of the apartment complex and found a guy getting out of his car. I tried to steal his keys to make an escape before I got “surrounded”. After he fled I kept running away from my apartment thinking they were only moments behind.
I saw the light on on the second floor of a building. I threw my shit up and entered. I then sat on the floor and contemplated my future. I came to the conclusion that I was too pussy to hurt myself with a knife or anyone inside. I learned shortly after that there was a woman sleeping. I then decided that it’d be best to pop a whole bunch of the pills I brought with me (Racetams, Noopept, Rhodilia, Magnesium Threonate, and a lot more). Problem was I was hungry and this lady had no food in her apt. After not enough thinking I go ahead with barricading the exits. My plan at that was to just die in the most memorable way I could think of. I recorded some video and typed up a message on a netbook that I forgot was in my computer bag.
She wakes up. Makes me breakfast. Talks with me. Goes to the bathroom. Comes back out. Police come. I run to the back of the place with a knife to my throat. I get tasered. Sent to state hospital psyche ward. Nearly 30 days. Medicated for Bipolar even though I don’t believe I need anything other than a mood stabilizer. Brain feels turned off. G2G
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Abundance via Cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2011 before I started munching red pills errday, I was looking to loot up. I thought google was the perfect example of clever entrepreneurship and despite the fact I knew jack shit about it, I subbed to programming thinking that most likely something big was going to come out of the computer realm. A couple of months later a little article popped into my feed from there " Google develops new bitcoin wallet ". I had a read of the comments and it was noted that it wasn't google developing the wallet but rather an employee as part of their extra vocational activities. Someone in the comment section mentioned the silk road and I had a little look around trying to find out more about it. I downloaded Tor and found the way to access it and after looking around thought that I'd better give it a crack.
I got my first bitcoin via paypal for <$1 but then paypal cracked down on that channel and because there were no Australian exchanges I had to go some roundabout way of getting myself second life credits and then using an in game exchange for bitcoin. I bought a few more and had a little dabble on SR. It worked and my little sample orders came through. I was super impressed and set about getting more of this magic internet money that had enabled such a cool service. About the same time, it started going through it's first bubble getting as high as $30. It crashed down to $20, then $15, then $10 and at each of those levels I threw a few grand at it that I had sitting in an account from when my granddad died. I was keen to get more but then it started heading lower and I thought "ah I don't actually know shit about this. I think it's a good idea, but this is my first time investing and I could well just end up going out the back door."
They hit $2 a coin but I had no need to sell and just sat on them for a couple of years. Towards the end of 2012, as the first halving of the block reward was approaching, the price started to move again. It got up to around $15 again where I was even, but again I had no need to sell and just sat on them. By April or so they'd gone mental and had reached their then all time high of $270 odd. At the peak they were going up so fast that I went to bed one night and woke up with my stack worth $5k more. I cashed out enough to buy a few oz of gold for my original $4k investment but held the rest.
Throughout this time I'd been consuming all I could about this cool new tech and the associated avenues that had opened up in decentralized/disruptive technologies. I was reading every post in rad_decentralization polycentric_law, seasteading, open source ecology and whatever I could digest to apply to my vision of what I wanted to do with this loot.
A couple of months later I went off on an adventure overseas to go surfing in Mex, some summer festivals and do a snow season in Canada. I was reluctant to spend my coins because they'd now gone down to around $70 or $80 bucks so I'd been going through my savings. After Burning Man I was out of cash. I was supposed to go back to Mexico to hit up the south with some friends but I decided instead to go up to Northern Cali to try find some work on the farms in a town we'd passed through.
I spent my last $200 on a crappy hotel and getting pissed at the bar looking for leads for work. The next day we found a guy who'd give us a start and we headed up to the hills to work for a few months. We had worked for 2 weeks when there was a bit of a hiatus for a few days (which coincided with symbiosis festival), so we went down there to party for a few days.
On the weed farms we'd been hanging with lots of deadhead kids and they'd all been sharing stories of eating heaps of acid and other drugs and I thought it was time I give a big dose a try. I managed to get a hold of some at the festival, tore off 5 tabs and shoved em on my tongue. The guys face kinda dropped and he's like "dude, they're really strong". I had just smoked a masssssive joint and was about halfway through a bottle of captain morgans, so I just kinded "Meh'd" him and laughed. Needless to say, they were indeed quite strong and 6 hrs later I've got some medic knocking on the porta potty asking me if I'm alright. Completely naked, filthy, sticks and leaves and shit all through my beard and hair. I'm like "yeah, i'm ok but do you have my clothes?" She didn't and didn't know where they were but I managed to get a blanket off her and walked outside into the party. At that exact moment my friends happened to be walking past first aid and I heard one of their voices through the darkness. I yelled out to him and the others and they came over and took me with them.
I went back to camp a bit bummed out that i'd gone too hard and ruined the party, but then I could hear the music pumping and actually felt pretty good so I went back out to look for my clothes and shit. I couldn't find them until the next day my jeans turned up in lost and found with my wallet in them. I rolled out of that party that next evening, pretty rattled, no shoes and totally broke again.
Not long after I got back to the farms I heard of the silk road bust and noticed bitcoin had taken another hit. However, in the following days, perhaps due to the shutting down of an unsavoury aspect of the bitcoin ecosystem, the coins went on a surge. By the time I was up in Canada for my working holiday snow season they'd gone as high as $1250 a coin. I cashed a few out to sort myself out for the season. Didn't bother finding a job, bought a pound of weed and just boarded every day.
Through this time, I'd spread a bunch of my stack over some shares denominated in bitcoin and some of those were generating me nice dividends. One in particular which was in a company making mining hardware was doing really well and I put a lot of my coins in there. They took a hit after restructuring their business model to redirect dividends into R&D, which made the price plummet. I doubled down on them but eventually they ended up going out the back door. I lost another 10btc or so to a scam run out of Cyprus that was supposed to be a btc-euro gateway company, but he bailed once the btc price dropped. A few others crashed along the way and then in the mean time I'd spent most of my liquid coins on going back to Oz to visit my girlfriend, returning to canada, then returning back to Oz once that relationship was on the rocks.
I got back to Oz the second time, with only a couple of coins left, they'd dropped down to $400 or so, things didn't work out with her and I just fell into a rut after being on such a high. I talked mum into selling me her old car for a few bitcoin and moved to Melbourne to try something new. Around this time projects like ethereum, ripple, dash, monero were all starting up and since I'd been burned on a few scams and failures, I doubted my ability to discern what was going on and out of fear didn't get involved with any of them.
During the run up of the coins from $15-$1250 I'd been digging into researching all about decentralized/disruptive technologies and had been developing ideas for radical community projects utilizing the benefits of open source technologies and distributed ledgers to greatly increase efficiency, as well as transparency and accountability. When I moved to Melbourne I went to a few bitcoin meetups but just found that they were full of traders and business folk but not many were into the radical side of things. I started knocking around with a few crew from the party scene and began brainstorming some ideas for festival/community development through crypto.
Though at the peak the projects that I'd been ideating had seemed almost tangible, when back in the real world with no money, they became much further away. I couldn't go back to the old way of thinking in the traditional paradigm, but without a bankroll I didn't really know where to start. I still wanted those things, but had no capital and no network. Through my research into crypto I'd discovered the scheme that is the Federal Reserve and the corruption of fiat currency and through that found myself being drawn to conspiracy and becoming addicted to "figuring it all out".
I got a bit of casual work, but I just couldn't bring myself to engage with the system on anything other than my terms. I still dreamed of community development but all my time was spent in the web of lies and paranoia that is the conspiracy realm. From my solid acid trip I'd got enough of a glimpse of the spiritual nature of things that I still manged to hold the light through my foray into the pit, but I became a bit consumed by it all. I had another couple of trips that showed me a look at an interdimensional world but in glimpsing them, I also took on a lot of paranoia that I had to work through. I started seeing bitcoin as the system for the NWO to implement their cashless economy and mark everyone for eternal damnation.
I kind of stayed in this world for nearly a year or so, until I stocked up on DMT from a guy at a festival and got stuck into that as a bit of a practice. What it told me was that all this world is my creation. The abundance I experience comes from a state of mind and similarly the poverty I experience comes from the opposite state of mind. It told me the most important thing I could be doing, is working to cultivate a mentality of abundance. I began cultivating that idea and whenever I was consciously aware of a choice between abundance and scarcity I would endeavour to choose abundance.
A few months later, I ended up falling in love, getting married, meeting a friend who has a project called "abundance" (where he is trying to cultivate the shift in perception on a mass scale), had a kid, took on a massive build/renovation to a warehouse/ started a business. Recently the business has gotten to a point where I actually have a couple of spare bucks again and so I decided to enter back into the world of cryptocurrency to see where it's at. I got 2 bitcoin and thought I'd spread them around on a few of the alt coins to see how they go.
I'm still distrustful of the story behind bitcoins inception and it's role in the overall scheme of things, but I have regained faith in my ability to discern what's going on. In the bundle of cryptos there probably is one that will be the vehicle for the beast to get their subjects, but that's not going to stop me from riding the train to abundance town in the mean time.
I bought a bitcoin and spread it around on a few of the alt coins that I thought looked interesting eth, etc, ltc, pivx and ripple. I think Ripple is set to go bananas. They're currently working with about 150 banks to use ripple to settle international transfers. Apparently they're also in negotiation with the reserve bank of Japan to utilize it. If you're aware that the US economy has been set up to tank, and there's going to be a restructuring of the power to an eastern led financial system, ripple seems like the prime candidate the facilitate that. When they roll out new SDR backed BRICS currency, they're not going to be able to just implement a new standard by coercsion. It's going to be by utilizing existing services that are already being used by a number of people. Ripple is a Silicon Valley start up, and if you know anything about the MIC involvement in SV, you'd know many of the companies from there are simply fronts to enable the implementation of the technology that TPTB are ready to release to us. In the 2-3 weeks that I've had my ripples it's already gone up 100% but I think it could possibly be at $1 (from $0.07 now) within a year if they succeed in taking down SWIFT.
I was talking to my friend with the abundance project about crpyto and how we're going to liberate ourselves from fiat slavery and he saw a number plate on a car in front of him that read XTC 999. I thought I remembered a coin that had the trading abbreviation of XTC so I had a look around on it. There was in fact a coin that had that but when I was reading the thread about it on bitcointalk it appeared that the project had stalled. In the same thread someone mentioned that although it had stalled, if you like the look of the project, you should take a look at IOTA.
I looked it up and what do ya know, it's a super innovative new protocol designed to for intermachine operability in the internet of things. It doesn't run on the blockchain, but rather has a new type of ledger called the tangle which does asynchronous settlement which their developers allow it to scale infinitely as it increases in efficiency as it records more and more transactions. Because the individual making the transaction does the POW at the time of the transaction, it also allows IOTA to run without fees because spamming the network actually assists it by confirming more and more transactions. I did some digging on it and because it's not listed on any exchanges it's a bit harder to come by, but I was super keen to get some so I threw a bitcoin on it over on their trading channel on #slack. In the two weeks that I've had my IOTA it's already increased by another 66% as well.
I don't really know what the point of this post is, but I just wanted to share with you all because I love you and I think that we're approaching a point where the traditional financial system is about the be dismantled and the new one is rolling out. The new one isn't some currency that a bunch of coders in a Russian office have been working on. The Russian coders are working for ethereum, the MIC is working through Ripple in Silicon Valley. Having projects developed in an office is old school. It's way more efficient for TPTB to release some technology to the masses and have them develop their own chains that will enslave them. These companies now are the companies that will service the NWO's cashless economy. I would encourage you to get in and get some while the going it good and then put those earnings towards setting yourself up so that when the day comes that "none shall trade without the mark of the beast", you're living off grid in your open source gifting economy and you don't give a fuck.
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Blue Beelzebub (Part 1)

For years, years, I wondered – ‘why me’ – you know, you know, kiddo – ‘why me’ – but there is no ‘why me’. What? As if there were, you know, ‘chosens’, there’s no ‘chosens’ – there’s no all–seeing, all–knowing powerful nothing. It happened. That’s it. I fell for it. I took its bait – hook, line, sinker. Didn’t I do it to myself? Wasn’t I the sucker? There’s no ‘why me’ – and once I realized that, that there was no, that there was no, no any kind of justice what so ever, until I acted, that gave my existence purpose. And now I’m gonna fulfill that purpose. I don’t want you getting involved. You’re deep enough as it is. Don’t be the sucker!
– Bobby Mortaren; famous last words
I raced from the house to the hotel, at Walsenburg, where I struggled to make sense of everything that transpired. I poured myself over notes and records that I had brought along. Only my laptop’s glow illuminated the room. Every so often lights through I-25 swept across the bed. Every so often breezes stirred trees around the perimeter. Soon midnight passed. The world darkened, relaxing as it were into slumber.
A knock rattled the door - and I could have shrieked if it weren’t for what remained of my nerves. All of a sudden, I felt so icy, so cold, that I stood, frozen, uncertain of how to proceed. Who was it? It couldn’t be good. Not the FBI. Not the Thules. Ache, already?
I balked at chucking my laptop - whoever they were at the door, they’d find it, they’d find it.
It’s the 21st century; evidence doesn’t vanish without a trace.
As my heart pounded my chest, I reached that door and cracked it a notch. I braced for the kick certain to follow. It didn’t come. The hotel’s courtyard / lot spread, deserted except for my rented Wrangler. There wasn’t anyone - anyone who may have been my visitor.
Yet - by my feet - at the edge of the threshold - my visitor had left a box.
I poked at it with my pole and turned it over and over. It wasn’t postmarked. It wasn’t addressed. It had been delivered by hand and, suspecting what it was, I yanked it inside. Leaning onto and drooping against the door, I tore its lid. The box contained two floppies, a CD, and a stack paper. It was Blue Beelzebub - all of it, every part of it. As well as instructions: a How-To-Guide for destroying your future, fetched onto my doorstep, white-glove-style to boot, as promised. It may as well have been a bomb.
How did Blue Beelzebub mutate into my obsession?
Worse - did I expect to find its truth remarked into code from 1996? 1996! There wasn’t a lot to the internet way, way back when. But crime was crime no matter its era. Was it crime? And did the game start this way or that way then evolve into crime? Was it crime from its start?
The programmer of Blue Beelzebub, a hacker by the avatar ‘ZuZu’, claimed to be legit. Their MO had been to create games not scams. Or so it appeared until Blue Beelzebub entered the story. If it were a product of malware, why had ZuZu devoted so much of their effort into its creation? Why had they boasted of the game’s nitty gritty details during its gestation? Why all of that trouble, if only a fraction of it would have been appreciated by those who played it? Even LVN, when they weren’t laundering bitcoin, expressed what may be described as passion for that game.
Was it a game?
By 1996 standards, its demos parlayed atrocious graphics and threadbare mechanics. The way it affected the player’s rig ensured nobody would be eager to replay it. The game passed every scan available yet it twisted the OS and hijacked the PC to serve as a node, a link into a yet-unknown and yet-unnamed network for purposes every bit as mysterious as the game itself.
As I contemplated the reality of the situation, I settled onto the notion that that game may have been a gimmick to cover truly malevolent intentions. That had been the crux of LVN’s KickStarter and GoFundMe rackets - they always proposed plausible if lofty projects as if they were real, actual products people buy. However, case after case demonstrated that their pretense unraveled after scrutiny. Could it be, as far back as 1996, the creator(s) of Blue Beelzebub conceived of such a deception? FPS (of the type Blue Beelzebub reported to be) were the rage through the 90s. If so then their MO resembled that of a typical bait-and-switch scheme - bait them with a game, switch them with a virus. Then? What? Profit?
In the summer of 2017, Czech authorities in conjunction with the EU, arrested LVN at their apartment south of Plzen. They seized the hacker’s laptop, PC, as well as their twenty thousand CD library. LVN was a hacker-for-fire; evidence presented at their arraignment demonstrated to the court that they had been paid by Russian and other Eastern European actors to pilfer bitcoin wallets. In addition to theft, the court entertained charges connected to a NiceHash heist of 64 million euros earlier that year.
It was the breach of NiceHash’s security that brought my skills to the EU’s attention. For a few weeks, between March and May, I played my part to aid the investigation and the conviction of its mastermind. We discovered that the breach had been directed from inside NiceHash. We split the work: ‘brick and mortar’ detectives ran interviews and stakeouts while my fellow ‘white-hats’ and I toiled at the forensics. To meet our end of the bargain, we created a model of that cyber-attack, in order to construct and deconstruct its operation. As we realized how the crime had been executed, we identified the party responsible for it and built the authorities a solid chain-of-evidence - a chain-of-evidence that identified LVN as the perpetrator.
LVN masterminded not just that NiceHash heist but a dozen scams at sites like KickStarter and GoFundMe. LVN traded exclusively through bitcoin. Their MO was to sow fake projects then to reap real funds submitted by backers - by backers who aimed to launder money via its exchange into bitcoin. Projects were advertised to those who sought the service; they were fraudulent through and through yet they appeared real enough to fool the maintainers of those sites and the public at large who may have been tricked by the scams.
Under the supervision of the investigation at large, I pledged my dollars to a few of LVN’s projects, to see what the response would be. Soon, LVN and I exchanged emails. They wanted to speak face-to-face. In front of the experts, I played to type and gained access to a roster of services from that hacker-for-hire. As a result of the communication, the investigation brought into play anti trafficking & exploiting agencies from around the world and accelerated their goal to convict LVN.
One of the projects LVN advertised didn’t fit into the mold in so far as it felt like a genuine hobby of theirs. LVN sought investors to fund their (re)development of a game, Blue Beelzebub. The project listed at KickStarter - removed but saved to my laptop - included a lightbox of images and demos as well as snippets of code. It discussed such esoterics as: updates to its physics engine and its video & audio renderer; upgrades to its arsenal and its gallery of foes; changing its play - expanding its levels and ditching its linearity.
The details impressed me as they perplexed me. Why? I kept asking. What’s the idea? What’s the racket? Why create a game using twenty year old technology? I understood its esoterics perfectly for I came of age during the 90s. So much of what went into Blue Beelzebub felt familiar as it was familiar. An FPS - first person shooter - propelled by a fork of that fabled, 2.5D DOOM engine. Little wonder that its caps parlayed the look and feel of classic 90s PC games!
Maybe it was yet another scam? Or - maybe - it was a hobby of a gamer / programmer? Could it be that LVN recalled those early DOS games and wanted to re-create the era? But that wasn’t everything. And as I mused & Googled I started to ask myself if there wasn’t more about Blue Beelzebub beyond the haze of my nostalgia. I failed to connect the dots although that did not shake the deja vu - somehow, someway, I recognized that game.
Escape published my article about LVN’s conviction. Against the advice of my editor, I stalked its commentary, to see what, if anything, the story drew out of the woodwork. Its aside re: Blue Beelzebub attracted attention. I wasn’t surprised, to be honest, as I had inserted it into the text to draw reaction. And my rouse worked! But I wasn’t the only one who felt deja vu about the game.
A commentator, who asked for anonymity, posted a link to 4CHAN about Blue Beelzebub. LVN had advertized the KickStarter for the game at a group devoted to indie developers. LVN never advertized their work at 4CHAN out of fear of exposure. So that thread where they didn’t ask for money confirmed my sense that it wasn’t, necessarily, a scam.
As I scanned that thread, however, I realized what a rabbit-hole the business would be. After LVN’s post, anonymous replies went to and fro as they typically do. Then the tenor of the thread devolved into a war amongst those who were for vs. those who were against what LVN proposed to do with the game. It was a question about credit. At last - somebody revealed a truth I duly suspected of - that Blue Beelzebub wasn’t the work of LVN - that the game as it existed predated LVN by twenty years or so.
The idea for Blue Beelzebub had floated about USENET c. 1995. The majority of the conversations extracted from the archives suggested that the game was vaporware. Its supporters countered that either a P/C or a DEMO existed and that a play-through had been uploaded to (early) YouTube. Everyone who added their opinion - pro & con - agreed that it was “inspired by Satan”, “took its cues from Crowley’s ‘Thelema’“, and that it included clips “replete with ever more corrupt” gore and snuff. A self-described player, whose rig they claimed had been “totaled” by the game, stated bluntly that it contained a “Chinese Sandwich”.
Undeterred by the confusion, I kept at my search, ramming through the archives, pushing my way further back in time, from 1997 to 1995. USENET had been mirrored prior to its collapse yet its content was not indexed completely; a robust query of its posts required force and patience.... In spite of the odds, my effort worked, my persistence located the roots of Blue Beelzebub.
It was a posted dated June 15, 1995 written by the game’s originator, a hacker by the name of ZuZu. According to their missive, they claimed to have produced “a proof of concept demo” for their “latest and greatest” game, Blue Beelzebub, and that it was “a legit game catering to those who worship and admire Lucifer and everything that stands for”. ZuZu listed, point by point, the substance of their creation. I wasn’t surprised to see, splattered across that post, the verbiage LVN usurped for their own advert.
Except - they weren’t seeking funding. According to their missive, the game had been bankrolled “by entities of a foreign sort, who don’t want to be credited”. Rather, they were seeking “experts” willing to alpha & beta test the product.
Blue Beelzebub and by extension ZuZu went rouge between 1997 and 2005.
Then - October 31, 2005 - ZuZu submitted their last, known public statement. Broadcasted through their usual, over-the-top flamboyance, they wished for their “fans to learn and spread the word” that they “secured an exclusive”. They had convinced a devote of indie horror / FPS games to review Blue Beelzebub. The player they had snagged was famous for their day and their name I recognized as I read it.
Bobby Mortaren - an internet pioneer par excellence. Mixing reviews and play-throughs together, his format had been lauded as visionary and just as imitated. Tweaked a bit by-the-by it continued to find use. His name, though, hadn’t been spoken of for a decade. Games had changed. Tastes had changed. He could have shifted into yet another venture so far as I knew.
Mortaren posted his works to YouTube - to YouTube prior to its merger with Alphabet. As I considered the changes that transpired across the years, I wasn’t surprised to discover that all of my links to his works were dead. Eerily, though, it was impossible to locate his reviews directly via YouTube. So I tried Google and Bing. No result. Ditto with DuckDuckGo. Ditto with Wiki, SlideShare, BoardReader. Out of desperation I surfed into the remnants of Alta Vista - maybe its database saved the information? No. No. Futile - all of it.
YouTube’s size was greater than USENET’s size. My task’s extent was altogether a colossal order of magnitude. If that which I pursued had not been deleted, then, it would be found ad finem omnia. So to dig further I opted for a quick & dirty hack - a bot. A bot scripted to sift and sort all YouTube’s content that matched keywords Mortaren and Blue Beelzebub. I ran it and waited for days then for weeks then for months.
My extensive search corroborated the fact that Mortaren left the internet c. 2006. Assuming they may have continued via pseudonym, I enquired into the matter with colleagues who devoted themselves to games and / or to reviews. Only a few recognized their name; nobody was cognizant of their voice.
An editor from ToplessRobot directed my attention to a defunct fansite’s messageboard where somebody asked why Mortaren vanished without a trace. To my shock, the reply was that Mortaren had been arrested by the FBI c. 2006. I could not fathom why. Nevertheless, if the revelation were correct, then, the resolution to the matter was tantalizingly viable. Arrests - and trials - were public.
The LVN / EU case brought my forensic skills to the notice of the DOJ and the Treasury / Secret Service. The FBI, like its European counterparts, wanted to understand everything about bitcoin and how it might (might) be possible to trace transactions to individuals.
As part of my freelance work, I already met and debriefed FBI agents re: the Czech hacker. Eventually ‘large’ talk gave way to ‘small’ talk amongst us. It was at that juncture that I broached the subject of Blue Beelzebub - namely, that LVN hatched a scheme to defraud investors (via bitcoin) ostensibly by promising to develop an update to that game.
“They got exposed by players who recognized the game’s ill-repute,” I stated. “Apparently, the game’s infamy started after its reviewer, a fellow by the name of - er - Robby Mortaren? Bobby Mortaren? Well - they got arrested by the FBI.”
Neither the game nor the reviewer elicited a reply - immediately, anyhow.
A (censored) document, summarizing a DOJ investigation, worked its way into my mailbox. Mortaren had been under FBI surveillance from November 2005 to May 2006. Why wasn’t stated; just that the FBI obtained search warrants for computers & electronics. A federal judge issued an arrest warrant May 30, 2006; however, the DOJ withdrew the charges after Mortaren agreed to an immunity deal. Mortaren turned star witness at a trial that involved organized crime as well as rackets, cults, ritualized human & civil rights abuses and elements that suggested Satanism. The perpetrator(s) that the DOJ wanted to convict fled either to South America OR Eastern Europe / Central Asia. The trial evaporated; neither the charges nor the perpetrator(s) were detailed.
Mortaren’s immunity deal with the DOJ wasn’t negotiable or retractable and included a complete internet ban.
The document listed a PO BOX as Mortaren’s permanent address.
To Mr. B. Mortaren:
Sir, I apologize. Blue Beelzebub. Were it not for the fact that you may be the only person left to recall that game, I would not have stretched my resources so thin to find you. If you are not able to assist my research, is anyone?
I was part of an EU investigation re: bitcoin, theft & fraud, as well as trafficking & exploiting vagrants. Through that investigation I came into contact with a hacker; they claimed to be working on Blue Beelzebub; they sought funds to upgrade it. While disturbing to say the least, that game did not strike me as part of the hacker’s MO. So I pried further into the matter and discovered, to my astonishment, that Blue Beelzebub dated to the mid 90s and that you reviewed & posted the demo at YouTube.
I am curious about that game. I cannot get it out of my head. Who was the programmer? Who was the developer? Where did they get the money? What were their goals? What was the game about, if the game was about anything?
A DOJ document summarizing your immunity from prosecution was brought to my attention. I suspected, as I matched the timeframe of the FBI’s surveillance and arrest, to the demo, that these matters are related. I was not able to find a link, due to the fact that all records, transcripts, etc., were sealed by request of the FBI.
If, for any reason what so ever, we cannot communicate about this matter, would it be possible to contact a surrogate or anybody with the information I seek?
With All Due Respect
Due to limits that existed at YouTube’s debut, videos posted from 2005 to 2010 were capped to 10 minutes. Both image and sound playback quality were kept low to spare bandwidth. A lack of (accessible) software and hardware to edit video forced vloggers to improvise. Mortaren had always used a webcam and mic from the 90s to shot their videos ‘live’, i.e., without edits.
YouTube retained the majority of Mortaren’s content; however, after a check of the dates and the poster’s IDs, I determined that Mortaren’s videos had been reposted c. 2006 by another user.
If the titles / numbers were correct then there were seven parts to the demo Mortaren recorded for Blue Beelzebub. Of seven, six remained. Specifically, the 5ifth - which must have been filmed as evidenced by the discontinuity between 4ourth and 6ixth - defied my ability to trace.
The reposter stated that “the 5ifth wasn’t part of the review package”. Yet, as I perused copies of replies they had saved, commentary that referenced material that doesn’t appear anywhere else, I strongly suspected that a 5ifth had been posted for a while and, for whatever reason, Mortaren removed it prior to 2006.
1irst - details facts re: the game: the developer, the programmer, the system requirements, etc.
“If your rig’s able to run DOOM, Blue Beelzebub works,” they state then add: “although, prepare yourselves, kiddos, the game takes a very, very long time to install”.
Passingly, he adds that a fan of his had ditched the game after they experienced “a catastrophic system failure” that they blamed “on either a bug or a virus or both”.
The executable and its auxiliary files pass every virus and malware checker Mortaren throws at it.
2econd & 3hird - demonstrates the game play or what passes for it.
Mortaren prefers to record his reviews live so that his fans experience the game exactly as he does. His videos contain hints / cheats if they are discovered as he plays. He describes Blue Beelzebub as a DOOM-GUY-ESQUE player who moves through an enshadowed monochromatic maze.
“There’s no backwards, I, I, I don’t believe it! Did they forget to give us backwards? There’s forwards and left, right. Kiddos, you gotta do a circle to go backwards.” He continues to berate the game, adding: “Yeah, there’s only forwards. And you know, I gotta say it, the programmer may think they’re the money’s nuts for it.... But it’s so weird that going forwards causes the view to bob up and down or side to side. What’re they trying to do? Are they trying to replicate a player’s gait? Takes me right out of the game. Let me tell y’all why. Like I said, the programmer’s got to be thinking they’re the monkey’s nuts but it’s that bizarro attention to detail that’s so jarring as I consider the lack of detail given to the graphics. Guys. Guys. Guys. You gotta think about what you present.”
Mortaren piles his criticism of the graphics and the sounds, comparing both unfavorably to DOOM. Especially frustrating is the invariance of the black & white textures throughout the maze. He praises the response of the maze to the player as he notes, while attempting to draw the maze, that its passages shift at random. Then more and more criticisms were strewn at the game, including its lack of weaponry, its lack of powerups / extras, its lack of anything.
“A game can’t be about going through the maze, guys, there’s got to be a point - something to do!” Finally, he voices the suspicion that he had been duped by ZuZu.
4ourth - the demo gets interesting.
Mortaren finds an area of the maze where the textures differ. The video’s pixilation - perhaps due to the webcam - perhaps due to the way the reposter preserved it - masks the bulk of the alteration. I detect a change of shade, though, from black & white to blue.
“Well it can’t be for nothing that the wall is blue. Jeez!” As he cracks the joke, to his shock (an explicative slips), the sounds became those of “eerie, drone-like notes fading into reverb” and the monitor displays a still-shot. Mortaren zooms into the image; I recognize it as coming from the shock-site, ROTTEN.
After that alteration, every blue-hued texture Mortaren faces produces other images, increasingly nihilistic and graphic, usually of the dead or the dying, often of celebrities, suicides, accidents, wrecks.
5ifth - ?
6ixth - the segment starts at an awkward jump.
It must have been split from the 5ifth video and while Mortaren does not state why, explicitly, the tone of the voice suggests that something serious transpired.
“Sorry, kiddos, I turned the webcam away - a first - I guess this ZuZu accomplished something.”
When he returns the webcam to the monitor, it is apparent that in addition to tone the substance of the game itself altered.
The player stands at the center of a room Mortaren describes as “a vault with a hole at its floor”. The 2.5D renderer prevents the player from gazing inside the hole. But by directing the player to walk the hole’s circumference it is possible to catch bits of its contents. A sharp, blue light shoots out of the hole; the way it cast light at the ceiling suggests there might have been “water”, as if the hole were a well of sorts.
What shocks Mortaren is that the room fills with children. The renderings of faces make each of the children unique. However: “the ghastliness of the imagery resembles how faces voxilate like with Delta Force games”. Further, he notes, after a pause that echoes my own consternation and trepidation, “I’ve seen these kids. Yeah, I’ve seen these kids from those, those photographs the game stopped everything to show us. Jeez!”
The children stand statue-like as the player walks about them. They serve as obstacles that block movement, otherwise, inert, unresponsive, “not that the player interacts with the kids as there’s no other keys available except A, W, D”.
The video continues, then, Mortaren shrieks.
The playback jostles as if it were about to stop. When everything resettles, he speaks, calmly and evenly, that “there’s a kid that’s different ... animated. You gotta see it, kiddos, I can’t say if it’s awful because it’s awful or if it’s awful because it’s awful....” The webcam zooms into the monitor; the child rendering appears to show it breathing, haphazardly, with their mouth agape. And then, then the child moves and the player like the viewer alike slip an explicative. “I take it back, everything, this is truly and utterly awful.”
7eventh - the coda feels like the set’s longest but is the shortest.
“Right now I’m running. I don’t have a weapon, jeez! I’m running as fast as this keyboard allows but my health is shrinking.” Mortaren stops and rotates the player to face backwards. The animated child is behind and striking the player using a technique that resembles “Hanna-Barbera laziness - or who knows - who knows, kiddos, it could be part of the style”. Just as it is with DOOM, as the player’s health decreases, the view gets redder and the avatar gets bloodier. Mortaren aims into the maze; there is no exit, there is no weapon, no upgrade to assist, all that exists is the floor where the player drops, dead.
The 7eventh adds a post-script recorded after the demo. It shows Mortaren’s PC, open and split to pieces. “The game installed a virus,” he declared then described its symptoms.
“Immediately upon my player’s death, the PC rebooted. After the BIOS, instead of going into DOS, it starts a telnet session and tries to connect via IP. Of course it doesn’t get a reply since my PC uses dial-up. So it freezes, pinging and pinging a server somewhere that it cannot reach.”
Mortaren concludes by theorizing that if Blue Beelzebub were a virus, it must have been designed to target high-end systems with LAN / Ethernet ports.
I jot the IP and attempt to connect to it. Strangely, it will not load yet it will not issue an error of any kind. Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc., freeze. WHOIS is not able to resolve the owner. Nevertheless, it yields the location of the server, a site approximately 50 miles north east of Trinidad, Colorado.
I reject the result; users of tracers already know that they rely on ISP databases to match IP / location - and how often are those databases updated? - and how often are those updates distributed? The decade that passed between today and the video, and between the video and the creation, assures that there must have been a drift re: the location of the IP.
I will not reveal the particulars of when, where, and how I received the call.
“The coordinates.” Into my ear spoke a voice that my investigation made familiar. “Check the coordinates.”
“Blue Beelzebub.”
“Yes,” I replied and Mortaren implied we’d meet.
Mortaren had traced my whereabouts through the blogosphere. He wanted to talk about the game yet feared the government “and or others” eavesdropping. I admitted off-handedly that as I sunk into my work with the DOJ, my paranoia tipped.
“What’s the deal with the game, anyway?”
“What do you want on your Chinese Sandwich?”
My impression settled onto a mixture of intrigue and trepidation. The matter felt so cryptic as to defy credulity. Coordinates? Blue Beelzebub. Chinese Sandwich? Nevertheless, even as we talked (brief as the conversation was) I put together that by coordinates + Blue Beelzebub Mortaren referred to the IP the game telnet’ed.
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I wrote you guys a Christmas poem to cheer you all up after last night. Enjoy.

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the world Not one coin was stirring, not even Bitcoin Gold; The portfolios were up on the computer with care, In hopes that a big whale soon would be there;
The day traders were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of the moon danced in their heads; And mamma in her Litecoin, and I in my Dash, Had just settled down after they all rose in a flash,
When out on Coinbase there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to my phone I flew like a flash, Tore open the apps just in time to see the crash.
The light from then screen showed the new-fallen low Gave the weak hands an excuse to let go, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a wonderful buying time, and eight coins to cheer,
With a little old driver, that would do the trick, I knew in a moment I must load up quick. More rapid than eagles my coursers they came, And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;
"Now, ETHERUM! now, BITCOIN! now, LITECOIN! and IOTA! On, REQ! on ZCASH! on, STELLAR and DOGECOIN! To the top of the market! to the top of the sell wall! Now fly away! fly away! fly away all!"
I sprang to my wallet, to my coins I would HODL, Even if I wanted a pizza, they would never be SODL. But I yelled and exclaim, as I knew it would be soon, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL GO TO THE MOON!
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My prediction of a mass transfer of wealth from BTC to XMR

I'll just get right into it. This is addressed to Bitcoin users, so when I say "you", that is to whom I am speaking.
I am fairly certain that one or both of the following things happening is inevitable, sooner or later.
1) mass IRS audits of larger bitcoin holders who purchased through an exchange that had their ID, leading to migration to a more secure and anonymous coin. I'm not implying that every single cryptocurrency trader is a serial tax dodger, but to claim that none of them are is naive and obviously false. The logical choice for hiding your crypto riches of course being Monero, as it is the most secure and anonymous coin. For proof look no further than the criminals who have the most to lose if it is cracked, who have designated it as their uncontested privacy coin of choice.
2) all of you start to do research on your own into other cryptocurrencies, as you begin to uncover the security and privacy NIGHTMARE in waiting which is caused by BTC's (and other coins like it) public blockchain. Ironically, as its adoption becomes more and more widespread, these glaring flaws will only become more annoying and obvious. You are getting sick of the fact that every single person you send bitcoin to can see your bitcoin wallet's balance as well as the quantity of every transaction you have done and who you did it with. You begin to worry that maybe bitcoin isn't what you thought it was.
Then one day as you are reading about various cryptocurrencies, a magical orange and black logo catches your eye: Monero. After taking a closer look you find it to be a far superior technology in almost every way. You discover that Monero is everything that BTC was SUPPOSED to be (but ISN'T), and, logically you begin to turn some of your bitcoin holdings into XMR holdings.

As more and more of the general population of Bitcoin users goes through this same process of discovering XMR's technical superiority, the effect on the price of XMR in terms of percent gains will be truly massive. The only thing I can compare it to is buying bitcoin back when it was trading for only 100-200 dollars. Unlike then, when the increase in BTC price was mostly unforseen and un-knowable, I firmly believe that once you educate yourself with an open mind about how Monero works, you will be just as certain as I am that this just about guaranteed. There is no gambling or speculation involved in this decision. It's not a roll of the dice, it's more of a waiting game. Waiting for the bitcoin community to wake up to bitcoin's fatal flaws and their own inability to fix them. Just deciding on a block size tore the community apart from the inside.

The bitcoin community talks about how they plan to add features to make it more private in the future, but even something as simple as choosing a block size ripped you guys apart! Why cling to the old ways? Why insist on using BTC just because it has enjoyed a first-to-market advantage? Why blindly hang on to the first generation cryptocurrency of the past when there is already a coin in circulation that has solved the anonymity problems of bitcoin and even made a great many more crucial improvements along the way?

And how do I know that this will happen? How do I know that the move to XMR is inevitable? Because it happened to me, and because there are DAILY converts from BTC to XMR over in the Monero subreddit who can't believe they've been foolishly hanging on to the dinosaur technology of Bitcoin instead of embracing positive changes and using XMr instead. As time has marched on, I have personally witnessed the trickle of new XMR converts has now become a steady stream. The number of Monero subreddit subscribers is growing exponentially, and is only one indicator of much larger things to come.

Bitcoin's market cap is currently more than 50 times that of XMR. This means that even a small portion of the massive, inevitable wealth transfer from BTC to XMR will translate into a truly astronomical growth in the price of XMR, and massive wealth accumulation for the current XMR holders. Believe me, this wealth transfer has not yet even BEGUN, and it's not too late to MAJORLY cash in during this massive transfer of wealth. XMR still has SO much room to grow. It's cheaper than DASH, for fuck's sake, and DASH is a complete garbage shitcoin whose anonymity does not begin to stand up to intense scrutiny the way Monero's does.

Yes, my bitcoin-using friends, one day you are all going to make me a very, very rich man with all of the wealth you are generating right now. I am happy to see people buy BTC, because I know that one day, you will discover XMR. The day you discover that XMR is everything BTC was supposed to be but so far has utterly failed at actually becoming, is the day you begin to use and trade XMR instead of, or in addition to, BTC. And when that happens, my future XMR enthusiast friends, we will BOTH grow rich together. Because you were smart, because you saw the coming storm and acted swiftly and decisively.

It's only a matter of time now, so don't claim in a year or two that this wasn't all fully explained to you, don't say you "never saw this coming", don't find yourself saying that you regret not taking me seriously and missing the opportunity to make the switch before the inevitable mass transfer of wealth from BTC to XMR occurs. If you miss this boat, it's now totally on you.
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My Paranoia Saved Me

I am always paranoid. The fact that I did what I did scares me to this day. I always listened to the stories from youtubers like Corpse Husband and Be Busta. Stories that involved the deep web or dark web were always the type of stories I listened to. People always said these stories told were fake, usually over dramatic. I'm gonna come out right now and say that if you are doing anything illegal and you're not just browsing simple sites, you better be as secure as possible. I was trying to be secure, but apparently not enough.
So lets actually get into all of my mistakes. I was always the paranoid type so I was looking into everything I could do to be secure on the deep web. I wanted to actually buy some weed to just try out the deep web markets. I researched as much as I could to figure out the most secure way to buy and receive my package. I got a PO Box quite a ways away from my actual residence. The seller at the time said he could send the weed through the mail, it would just cost more than to do a drop off in a random place. I figured the PO Box method would be the least likely way to get caught by family members and such. I researched the use of proxies, using tails on a computer you don't use often, tumbling bitcoins and many other ways to stay secure.
I ended up buying a few grams of weed and told a friend about it so he could help me go get it. Since I opened the PO Box a bit farther away since there was always the term "Don't shit where you eat", we ended up driving for about 3 hours to the PO Box to go get the package. We ended up staying in a hotel for the night instead of driving back home. In the morning we went to the Post office and got this little orange envelope out of the PO Box with no return address on it. This seemed quite peculiar to me since post offices don't usually send envelopes without return addresses. I also noticed no stamp on the envelope another major detail.
We took this little package back to the hotel and I was quite suspicious of the package. I wasn't sharing a room with my friend, but we decided to take the little package over to his room. I told my friend(Lets call him Jake) that I didn't even want to open it now. It seemed way too suspicious to even open. I told him I wanted no part in smoking the weed, this was my paranoia kicking in high gear. I basically told Jake that if he wants to smoke it that bad, he can do it alone. He tore open the package and pulled 3 little baggies out, each containing a gram. I guess it's worth mentioning that Jake has gotten high multiple times before so he should be able to tell if the weed is good. He took out a little cigarette paper thing and rolled a joint. He started smoking it immediately, he offered to me, but again, I wanted no part in this. He had then went outside to the balcony to smoke it so he wasn't making out hotel room smell like a bunch of pot heads were in there. At least him being outside wouldn't make his room a direct target for management, the smell kinda dispersed. I decided it was time to head back to my room and sleep or at least try to. I left without telling Jake where I was going.
After an hour or two of sitting on my bed being afraid of the package, I got a text from Jake asking me where I went. I told him I went back to my room for some sleep, but I never received a reply after that. I remember that we both have a key for each room so I decided I should go check on him. I was getting ready to slide the key in the door to get into Jake's room, but I saw that the door was cracked slightly. I opened the door ever so slowly only to see the room ransacked. The other baggies were gone, Jake's wallet gone, keys, phone. The envelope was still there though. I noticed some boot prints basically engraved into the carpet, leading to the balcony where Jake was smoking at. It looks like there was some sort of struggle going on, the chairs and table out on the balcony were flipped around. There was also drops of blood, I assume someone got punched or cut or something. I saw the railing of the balcony was bent out towards the ledge, like someone was pushed against it or over it. What I saw next horrified me. It was Jake, on the concrete at the bottom, blood all around him. He wasn't moving at all so all I can assume is that he died immediately when he fell from the 7th story balcony. I didn't know what to do next. I called the Police and they are on their way right now. I was able to snatch the envelope before I called, I figured it wouldn't help my case if the police investigate and find my PO Box written on there.
I decided to quickly write this post out for you guys in the short time I have right now before the cops get here. I will update you guys later, If you have any advice for me as to what I should do next, please let me know.
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Yet another case of lost bitcoins. Share in the misery!

So I'm on short train ride yesterday, browsing twitter when I discover the news of how huge bitcoin is getting, and how if you invested 5 dollars in coins 5 years ago (?) it would be worth an incredibly large sum today.
It was at this point I started going internally nuts, as I remember winning 5 dollars in bitcoins around 5ish years ago during an event in the old NYC financial district bitcoin location. It was back in the really old days, when I used play League of Legends. There was a little, lag ridden tournament we had; my team won and we all received 5 dollars in bitcoins.
Some guy went to my phone, applied it to my cell phone's bitcoin wallet and went on his way. It was some insignificant, but huge decimal number. I shrugged, closed the app and went home.
Years pass, jobs change, cell phones are replaced and I find this out; so naturally I tore my house apart looking for my old Galaxy S2 that had the bitcoin wallet. Nothing. I'm pretty sure I dissected and threw the phone away.
There was also an episode many years ago in which my Galaxy S2 broke, and I borrowed my brother's identical spare phone. There is a slight possibility that 1 - I used his phone during this event 2 - The data is still on there.
In any case, aside from me getting this story off my chest, I had a few questions about my situation. I apologize for any frivolous information; I just want to be absolutely sure of the circumstances here. My research tells me that in spite of my assumptions when I first received the bitcoins, this currency is not tied to a name, account or device; but rather data; meaning that if you don't have the data you're screwed.
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03-17 04:02 - 'Ethereum's blockchain is one that businesses can actually use which is why the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was formed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, BBVA, JP Morgan, ING and UBS. Bitcoin jump started this b...' by /u/Gequals8PIT2 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-9min

Ethereum's blockchain is one that businesses can actually use which is why the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was formed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, BBVA, JP Morgan, ING and UBS. Bitcoin jump started this blockchain phenomenon but Ethereum's blockchain technology offers features that corporations can utilize. Last year the "Big Four" auditing corporations got together to discuss how Ethereum's blockchain can be useful to them in the future.
I am sure many of us here have no doubt that distributed ledger technology using cryptographic verification/authentication will change our future in ways we can't even foresee. I have been following Bitcoin since literally the very beginning when mining with your CPU was extremely profitable (if you had the foresight to keep them and keep them safe), I remember when Dwolla and BitInstant was all the rage and you had to convince people that bitcoin was not a pyramid scheme. I have built automated trading bots using MtGox APIs and used them for quite some time until Gox became defunct.
I am all for the success and rising future of bitcoin, although I could not explain to you from a first hand understanding of the bitcoin protocol why BU is so bad I do agree with the general consensus here given what I have read from thousands upon thousands of comments. I remember how badly the last fork-war tore this community apart as well.
However, I have more than enough room in my heart and my wallet for altcoins that have proven their legitimacy to which I only believe there are two at this current point in time. I am not some band-wagoner who believes that bitcoin is the one and only cryptocurrency, that is the same type of mentality as people who believe that cash and gold is king. They might very well have been king until up and out of nowhere another beast forms right under your noses. Don't get me wrong I am not saying Ethereum is that technology but I can see the toxicity that this bitcoin war is causing. It has honestly caused me to lose faith in bitcoin and it's future to the point where this week my hands grew weak and I cashed out 25% of my holdings, transferred 25% to Ethereum and I have 25% on Coinbase as I wait to see how this situation plays out. I realize that your average Joe everyday investors probably are not even aware there is a war going on and probably don't even care, but I do.
It reminds me of this most recent presidential campaign you have one side that is proven and while they may not be perfect is obvious they have the best intentions for the entire community and on the other side you have a bunch of greedy bastards slinging shit, outright lying and trying to cover those lies with more lies. In the end it just makes everybody look bad despite being on the right side and doing the best you can.
In the meantime there is no doubt in my mind that while bitcoin stagnates with this war everyday it loses its edge over the newer technologies like Ethereum. Although Ethereum has not yet withstood the test of time and had a pretty significant setback early on I do believe the usability and usefulness of their blockchain technology being way more than just a store of value and actually have significant functionality will pick up the type of corporate steam that bitcoin not only wishes it has and deserves.
I will say it again I am all for the success of bitcoin, it holds a dear place in my heart. I am not sure if the OP of this thread was even referring to Ethereum when talking about spreading FUD (Honestly I think BU is doing more of that than anybody else by a large margin). I am not sure if the post I am reply to was an attempt to dismiss Ethereum's blocktech as something that is just so meaningless he didn't even learn of it's usefulness. But to simply dismiss other blockchains and anybody who speaks highly of them as FUD is a disservice to itself and this community. We only have one enemy here and that is BU.
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[Table] IamA Canada Border Services Officer (Canada Customs and Immigration) AMAA!

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Date: 2013-11-22
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Questions Answers
What is the most overused joke people use when crossing? Has anyone actually waved their hand at you and said "These aren't the drugs you're looking for."? I wish they would say that. The worst is during the charter season when everyone is going to mexico and the caribbean and upon returning they say OLA! and say how cold it is. Every single one of them.
Let's say you suspect someone is hiding drugs. You tear their car up looking for them but find nothing and let them pass. Who's pays for the damage to the vehicle that you guys caused? We don't create any permanant damage to the vehicles we search unless its absolutely necessary and in extreme circumstances.
Any damage caused by an examination regardless of result is not paid for by the agency. Unless an accident had occured.
Wouldn't the accident be wrongly searching somebody's car? It's not wrong to search the car just because nothing was found. It was just non-resultant
I can understand but that is pretty awful. I've heard of border guards taking seats and panels off of a car (like you said nothing permanent) and just leaving it as is when nothing was found. I would be livid if that happened to me. Have you ever felt bad and helped return the car to stock? We will help put it back together most times. But it's not required.
Spoken like a real dickhead. Stay classy.
Then... "What type of cheese?" He asked. I said "American... The square fake ones we call cheese." He then let me pass. Certain types of cheese is prohibited. But it typically has to be not pasturized or prepared in whey.
But why? Because those types of cheeses can carry parasites that can possibly affect a product of the Canadian agricultural industry.
Not worth the risk of bringing it in. However slight the risk.
I saw a documentary where people carrying a large amount of cash were required to give a huge percentage of it to the border guards. Was that legal? How? Why? Link? Certainly not true. You are required by law to declare any amount of currency over $10,000.00 CDN. If someone fails to declare their cash a fine can be assessed and it can be seized. But no a percentage of cash is not automatically given to CBSA when imported.
So 999$ does one not have to answer where it came from? No. You do have to answer where it came from. Under the customs Act you must answer truthfully all questions regarding your goods you are importing into Canada.
When you have 1000 you must declare it openly without being asked or found.
Would I have to declare twenty bitcoin (current value ~15,000 US)? Nope. Just Cash or tangible monetary instruments like travelers cheques.
My question: Are the border officers still this easy going, or have post 9/11 security concerns changed things? I'm sure it still happens all the time though. But 9/11 has made things much more complicated for everyone involved.
Why do we hear so many stories about border guards being dicks? Are you a dick? I certainly can be if I feel acting that way will help with an examination.
But I don't try to be on a regular basis.
Some people respond to that type of pressure better than others. Sometimes I use sugar, sometimes vinegar.
Do you prefer Border cards or passports? (I have both) I always prefer a passport over any other government issued ID.
Why. Passport has more info. Past trips. Stamps etc.
If I have a NEXUS card, would you prefer that I hand you only the NEXUS card, or my passport as well? I prefer to see both. But you really just need the card.
Why don't US passports routinely get stamped at the land crossings? I had to beg the officer for a stamp, and when she begrudgingly gave me one, it had "Courtesy" written on it... Are you a dual citizen?
Heyyy! Yeah I'm Canadian and I've never got a stamp when I go to the US! Now I want one. Just ask. They'll give ya one.
Sorry for the delayed response, but no- I'm not a dual citizen. Just curious as to why I had to ask for a stamp when other countries just give you one. Some land border crossings are a bit more lenient on the stamp issue as a passport is not required. But you can ask for one and they should have no problem giving it to you. Many people need the stamps for work purposes or for visa renewal issues.
Hey CBSC Officer, Mike Chang here. If I want to import illegal steroids over the border to supply my clients with drugs that explode their abs, how do I go about doing it? The latest method I've tried is smuggling pills in my butthole, and so far so good. Sometimes more comes out though, and I'm looking for an easier method (can openers should never go near a man's rose pedals!) Any advice? None. Your doing a stand up job as it is.
Why is immigration allowed to go through peoples cell phones after landing at airport? The guy went through my pictures, text (even sent some text) When your entering the country all of your goods you are importing are subject to an examination. That includes digital files as well. With the amount of data that can be stored on a cell phone it's imperative that we have access to that info to stop some pretty horrific images and intel from entering the country.
I've never heard of an officer actually sending a text however. That's not something I would do, nor would I see any reason to.
Do you think that worth the violation of a person personal space, it does seem to catch many people? Yes I think it is worth it. Travelers should have a lower expectation of privacy when entering a country as they know they are importing goods liable to inspection. If you don't want something searched than it's best to leave it home. We find evidence of violations on a daily basis on people phones though text messages, imessages, etc.
Thanks for reply, he did send text, then deleted it on my phone. Then he made my friend cry who was waiting for me, and her husband in the truck outside. It was very strange. I suppose he was probably trying to contact someone you might have known here.
A better course of action would be to call from our phone. Or have you contact them. Doing it ourselves is not all that common.
to stop some pretty horrific images and intel from entering the country. This baffles me. If someone wanted to get images or information into the country, why would they do it by carrying it in physically? Surely it's more efficient to do it electronically? Well people who use those images always have them close to them. They never store those images in an email. Too easy to track. It's always stored on devices.
Michigander here, I fairly regularly cross through Detroit/Windsor and PH/Sarnia. Why do I always get asked what country I am a citizen of after they take my ID? Is it just a general question that normally gets asked other places too, like airports? Is it because I have an enhanced ID and not a passport? Its one of our mandatory questions. If your ID does not specifically state your citizenship we are required to ask.
I figured it was but it's just annoying because it says right on top; Michigan (then in smaller letters) MI USA. It just makes me want to ask the border patrol agents (both US and CA) if they can read. But I would never do such a stupid thing lol. Is it a passport card or a driver's license?
Enhanced driver license. No problem. A drivers license, does not state your citizenship on it. And non-Americans can get a driver's license so having one does not automatically assume you have American citizenship.
Also thanks for doing this ama! That's why we ask when you present that ID to us.
Didn't think you could cross the border with only a driver's license anymore. Just at landborders.
That's makes sense actually. I've never actually seen a passport so I didn't know the differences. Thanks again for answering my question! Have a good one. No problem, you too.
I thought having a prior DUI in the US was a big no-no for entering Canada. When I visited BC this last summer I was never even asked if I've ever committed a crime in the US. What is the official policy? If you have been convicted of a DUI in the US it can make you inadmissble to Canada for up to 10 years after the completion of your sentence. We have the ability to check your criminal record but we don't run every single persons name through all the time. Just like speeding sometimes you will get pulled over sometimes not.
If an officer becomes aware of your conviction it can cause you some problems. A DUI is considered a more serious offense in Canada than in the US where it is typically a misdemeanor.
Thanks for clearing it up. I will say the Officers were really nice, wayyy better than US CBP. We're all nice! We deal with US CPB daily. They're no different than us. Though they have much more authority in their decision making it seems.
Does it require a conviction? Is an open small-time possession case enough? I'm thinking more about MJ than alcohol. Marijuana possession is a summary (misdemeanor) conviction in Canada and having 1 conviction of this will not make you inadmissible. Unless you had like 50 pounds of it.
Interesting, thanks for this reply..I have a dual citizenship (currently living in the US) and got a DUI conviction about six years ago and that's my only criminal history. Would this hypothetically prevent me from entering the country despite my dual citizenship? Not at all. As a Canadian citizen you enter the country by right no matter what.
Well I deal mainly with the ones on the Southern US Border... Some are kind of dicks. Yeah I can imagine their job on the Mexican border is slightly more intense than dealing with us Canucks.
When you catch people running drugs, do they say 'sorry'? Yeah almost all the time they do!
Is it common/is there significant reasons behind border guards being hard on Canadians coming back into Canada? I am a Canadian citizen and it's not uncommon that when coming back in (from the USA) the guard is really rude. A friend once said "50 Bucks" when asked how much she had spent and the guard hassled her for a good ten minutes about how she HAS to say "Fifty DOLLARS, not bucks." Is there really a reason behind that kind of stuff? Not really. Nothing can excuse rude behavior. We're people, we have bad days. But we're expected to always act professional and courteous. A lot of times people use slang or give vague answers which can be frustrating when we're trying to get an accurate declaration. But fifty bucks is fifty bucks. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with someone delcaring that to me.
Are the people who are coming to Canada only going there because they can't get into America? That and poutine.
Truth. You'd think that fries covered in gravy and cheese would be easy for Americans to replicate, but I have yet to find anyone who can do it like those damn Canadians. Gotta use salty beef gravy and fresh kurds!
The fresh curds, that the killer, you need to be down in like Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa dairy country to get the good ones if you don't wanna make the trek to the great white north. ;) We probably get it from the same place.
How do you decide to tax Canadians coming back from US shopping? How often does it happen? None of my friends nor I have ever been taxed after declaring way over our limit of goods. It's up to the discretion of the officer doing the exam. Our priority is not about collecting duties and taxes on the average person as it was in the past. If we feel the person is being honest in their declaration and they are over we often let them through.
That's been my experience. One time I declared something like $400 worth of bike clothing/parts on a quick trip SOB (South Of the Border). The BSO's response? Sounds about right :)
Why does the boarder guard always ask where I am going and what for? If I was up to something, I would just lie and they'd never know differently. BTW, been to Canada many times, always have fun. Nice people you Canucks are. As a foreign national coming to Canada you have a legal obligation to answer questions about your trip fully and truthfully. Of course you can lie, and many do. But most get caught. Lies are typically only 2 or 3 layers deep. It's easy to pick out an inexperienced liar. We certianly dont catch them all unfortunately.
Yeah, you don't have to tell a cop where you are going or what you plan on doing. It's none of their business. When you cross a border you are asking for permission to enter another country. Permission they do not have to give you. I think people forget that sometimes. Yes that leverage can make our job easier for certain.
In my dozen trips to Canada from Washington state (mostly from the Peace Arch but a few times from that other one), CBP agents were really, really rude. I got stopped for random searches about 8 times. Well you aren't being detained. Being detained means you are being held against your will outside of the regular customs process. When you are detained you have the right to a lawyer etc.
Is it because I had an NRA sticker? I've never been arrested, no dui, no traffic tickets. Kinda bummed me out that it always took so long to get through because I was detained for so long. Having an NRA sticker is not a sole reason for a search but it can be an indicator you might have a firearm with you.
Hmmm. I consider it detainment when I'm asked to go inside while they search my car, and then I'm searched when I enter the building. While having your car and yourself searched seems extreme its not outside of the regular process. If they decided to do a disrobement (strip search). That is considered detainment.
What are some of the best or most interesting contraband items you have come across on the job? Guns, Drugs, Obscene material, live animals sewed into jackets. All different types of USB drives disguised as different things. Mostly holding child abuse images or hate material or terrorism material.
What about your favorite single "bust"? My favourite was a child abuse images bust that resulted in some children being removed from a dangerous situation.
I'm sorry but I can't get into any specific cases for legal reasons.
Why do they disguise the USBs when they could just encrypt the information? Laziness or ignorance of how to encrypt I suppose.
Whats the most dangerous/illegal stuff you've caught someone sneaking into the country? Guns, drugs, and images of child abuse, (child pornography,) are by far the most dangerous goods we see on a regular basis.
Shit, child pornography? do you go through the guy's laptop? I hate that term "Child Pornography." Porn suggests its a legally created video between consenting individuals. Images of child sexual abuse is more accurate...
But yes we find those images on cell phones, laptops, ipads, etc all too often.
There are some really sick people on this world, thanks for cleaning up the mess a little. If only you could choose to unsee something...
What about pirated movies, lets say you check a laptop and theres a bunch of pirated movies would you guys do something for that or not. No we would not do anything about that. CDN laws don't consider having pirated material a crime just yet. Though I'm sure it's coming.
How did you get into the Job? And does it pay well/ have good benefits? I've often thought about doing that as a job, now seems like a good time to ask! I worked mostly security jobs before applying "off the street." I also have a criminology degree. If you are still young and a student you can apply to be a student officer during the summer. You can check out the info on the Government of Canada website. Pay is decent depending on where you live as the salary is a flat rate across the country. A regular officer right now makes about $65,000. a year plus overtime. A good pension (not as good as it used to be) and full medical and dental plan.
I was looking at the official website and saw the requirement to accept posting anywhere in Canada. In practice how much say have you had in where you are posted/how often you move around? That policy actually came into affect the last couple of years. I was lucky enough to begin my career when you accepted a posting to a district close to home so luckily I'll never be moved unless I choose to. Once you are posted to a region your likely to stay there as long as you like. Your job may change, or your unit, but it will stay in the same area.
I thought that the full medical / dental plan came with being a Canadian citizen, not from being a government employee? We do have universal health care. However that only offers the bare bones in coverage. And doesn't cover dental. My health plan pays for things such as orthopedics, inhalers, private rooms in a hospital etc.
You should come work for US customs. ... they make a killing at most ports of entry. We make pretty similar salaries
Do you know why it was changed in the first place? Probably allowed some flexibility for upper management to fill the voids as needed across the country instead of just within their region.
CBSA is following a trend of mimicking the RCMP in a lot of its methods.
Any funny stories of people entering the country? All kinds. And scary ones. Had one guy come into Canada to meet a girl he met online. While in fact he actually had plans to cannibalize her. Luckily the girl didn't actually exist. Someone was just playing a scam on him.
How do you know he planned to cannibalize her? Found him talking about it on a forum on his computer.
International student that graduated from a Canadian University and am currently working in Canada with an open work permit. The work permit says it does not guarantee re entry into Canada. I was told I required to get a tourist visa to guarantee re entry. My passport now has a worker and a tourist visa stamped on it. I went to Buffalo for a few hours. When I tried to re enter Canada I was almost not let in because I did not have my work permit document and was warned that I should have it with me. What was the point of getting that tourist visa or a worker visa stamped onto the passport if they don't get me into the country if I don't have my work permit document? The stating of "Does not guarantee re-entry" simply means that being in possession of this document does not mean we will automatically let you in. That document simply means that once you've been granted entry to Canada you are entitled to work according to the conditions listed on the work permit. You should always have your work permit / study permit with your passport if your re entering the country to work as that is proof of your authorization to work in Canada. Without it it can cause problems.
I know an American girl that is living in Canada without a work visa, and she has far overstayed the length of a tourist visa. She works under the table. If she enters the US periodically, but returns to Canada each time, does that "reset" her tourist visa? As far as I know she hasn't done this. Will she be flagged the next time she crosses back into the US? Everytime you are granted entry to Canada and given a stamp that gives you 6 months to stay in Canada. This can be limited by the officer by issueing whats called a visitor record if they want to shorten or lengthen someone stay past 6 months.
A person must satisfy an officer when coming to Canada that they aren't making Canada their primary place of residence. So if someone stays for 6 months, leaves, comes back a week later and stay another 6 months, rinse, repeat, they are now making Canada their residence. If she hasn't been caught yet that doesn't mean she won't be if she leaves and comes back.
But feel free to send me her name if you want something done about it :)
How do you look not suspicious when crossing a border? (it had to be asked) Depends on what your trying to do...
Ok, since drugs are boring, I am smuggling a ultrarare hybrid turtlecroc across the border. How do I avoid getting stopped? ;) Impossible.
We are all fully trained on detecting ultrarare hybrid turtlecrocs...
"Sir, may I ask what your plans are while visiting Canada, and why are you lying?" "I'M SOOORRYYY!!! I BROUGHT THIS ULTRARARE HYBRID TURTLECROC TO SELL IN THE BLACK MARKET!!! OH GOOOD!" That's how I'd respond to an interrogation... Edit: words words. Thats how we hope it goes down :)
Serious question... I'm a South American with permanent residence in USA planning to drive to Canada from Florida to visit old friends (used to live in Mississauga), my kids are US citizens... How does this go? Your kids should have their US passports with them. Though not legally required, having a passport typically provides the smoothest examination. You should have both your national passport as well as your US permanent resident card. Without proof of your residency, you would be required to have a CDN visa as a citizen of a South American country.
Is everyone searched? Honestly that would give me so anxiety I wouldn't even want to visit the country at all. I live in Maine and I would love to go but it seems like you have a lot of strict guidelines that you are forced to adhere to. Do you agree with the laws and regulations regarding border crossing, in general? Absolutely I agree with them. And not everyone is searched. Not even close. Less than 5% of vehicles coming into Canada go through a thorough search.
You shouldn't have any hesitiation to come visit. Especially where you're so close. We'd love to have you!
So, I don't need to apply for Canadian visa if I'm a US permanent resident? No as a US permanent resident you don't need a CDN visa. But you do have to show proof of it and your citizenship. So bring both your passport and your PR card.
What the largest quantity of drugs youve found up someone's ass? 1 kg. or 2.2 pounds.
I once declared that I had meat when flying back from Vegas because I had (most of) half a ham sandwich in my bag. Was that being too cautious? Failing to import meat that is prohibited can lead to a huge fine if the officer feels you were trying to be dishonest.
What's the craziest thing that's happened on the job? Probably the man who came to Canada to eat a pregnant lady.
I was questioned at the border (US Citizen) and they stapled a report into my passport... Can I rip it out now? What does Case Type 10 mean? What triggers a US citizen to be put into the "second room" as i call it? You were probably issued a visitor record. If its expired you can shred it. Case type 10 means visitor.
Do certain land crossings have betteworse reputations? I travelled slightly ahead of the group to begin with, so I could spend some time with friends, and came to the Windsor crossing on a Greyhound. The others drove through the same place 3 days later. All of us found the experience awful. The US border guys were impatient, rude and incredibly suspicious (as opposed to thorough). They tore apart the car and trailer (the fact that they had a trailer might have had something to do with it). I was unaware that my 3 different Visa Debit cards wouldn't work with their machines, and the others lost a wallet at a filling station in Toronto, and we all had trouble paying the nominal border fee - not through lack of funds but accessibility to them. We weren't allowed out to an atm (visible from the desk the officials were sat at, and were instead made walk around the office begging people to swap currency with us. The agent I dealt with was subject to the worst mood swings I've ever come across - one second thanking me for being polite and following his instructions to a t, and then almost in the same breath shouting at me and calling me an idiot. We were understandably apprehensive, then, when we came to the Eureka border to re-enter Canada. The epileptic dog with us' medicine had lost effectiveness and he was having upwards of 7 fits a day, we were all wrecked, the car's owner had lost her driving license, and we still had this trailer we were hoping not to tear apart again. Yet the border agent looked at our passports, asked if we had any beer (we had a measly 2 cans he let us keep) and let us on our way in under a minute. Do you think it was a US vs Canada thing, a specific crossing thing or just bad luck that we happened upon 3 asshole agents? I think that experience can happen to you at any border crossing. It sounds like it might have been a combination of their lack of patience and your friends lack of preparedness in crossing the border. No currency, lost your ID etc. The Americans are no worse or better than their American counterparts. They have their methods and some officers are harder others. But it's not personal. Sometimes acting that way is on purpose to get the job done.
Plus a bunch of guys on vacation with a trailer shows the signs of potentially coming to the US for longer than intended. They were being quite thorough it seems.
Hey, I have pretty good luck going through customs, but Mom has awful luck.. she always get "randomly" searched. Do people get flagged to be searched in a computer system somewhere? And if so, what does a person have to do to get flagged? If you have any previous enforcement. Alcohol seizures or undeclared goods it can flag you to always be selected for a search but not always.
There are random searches as well.
Sometimes it could be as simple as your name and birthdate are very similar to that of a person of interest.
Probably undeclared goods haha. Do you (people who work in customs) flag people just because they are rude? No. There's not even a method to do that with our systems. You would have to have some sort of violation to be flagged for future searches.
Each person you stop do you run every passport through some sort of database? And if so what do you look for? Or is that just random? Every passport scanned will have information linked with our systems. So if you've had previous infractions we would know about it. Any further checks would be done outside of the scanning process.
What if I crossed over via the woods between the USA and Canada? And bypassed the check point? Then you would be entering the country illegally.
I've heard your not allowed into the Canada with a DUI in your record, without proper previous authorization signed. Even if it was a long time ago. What is the nrom with DUI's in your record in trying to cross? As I mentioned in an earlier post. A DUI, normally a misdemeanor in the U.S. is considered an indictable offense in Canada. (A Felony in the US). If a US citizen has a DUI conviction it can deem them inadmissible to Canada.
Whether it does or not really depends on what type of conviction you had, and how long ago the conviction was. If you were sentenced to a conditional sentence where your record would be erased after say, completion of substance abuse program, then the conviction typically has no affect on your ability to enter Canada.
If you've received a normal sentence, i.e. probation, fine, jail time, you would be deemed inadmissible to Canada for 10 years after the completion of your sentence.
2 or more DUI's, or any other offense Canada considers indictable, and your deemed inadmissilble for life.
How would you find a DUI on somebody? That's is a state crime, not federal. Any time your arrested your automatically put into the FBI database and are given an FBI number.
That info is shared between CDN and US governments.
What is the upper limit on the amount of stuff being brought back before you send the traveler in to pay duty/tax? Does my behaviour influence this (meaning if I'm courteous, will you let me pass through with more stuff)? In your experience, do you mind that the officers in the regular lane or the NEXUS lane are more lenient? There is no upper limit. Each case is up to the officers discretion at the time. If we believe you are being honest about your declaration we will let some duties and taxes owed slide from time to time. This should never be expected. The fees are owed. Its just a bonus if we let you go. I don't mind at all that some officers have higher or lower thresholds for leniency. As long as we do our job well.
What can I do as a frequent border crosser to make your life easier? I cross about 2x a week and if there is anything I can do to make your life easier so that you will reciprocate, I'm down. If you cross twice a week you should certainly get a NEXUS card. It makes life easier for everyone. If not, then just avoid goods that require further inspection. Foods, Plants, Animal products, and controlled goods like alcohol and tobacco. Avoiding those goods can make the chances of examination slimmer. But not getting searched should ever be expected.
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[WP] A world class contract killer finds an envelope at his dead drop. Inside are $23.42 in small change and a letter hand-written by a 9-year-old girl.
Vlad wore black. He was talking to a man named Vinny the mule. Vinny had been wearing white, but now he wore red.
Vlad revved the chainsaw again.
“So you sold fifty kilos to your man in Istanbul,”
“Yes!” Vinny the mule screamed, “I told you everything, please let me go!” He was lying on an operating table with his hands chained to his sides. Electrodes covered his sweaty forehead. His neck was bolted to the table. A guillotine hung from the ceiling, suspended by a frayed piece of yarn. There was a vast 10’x 12’ canvas underneath the table. It was splattered with blood and smeared with footprints. There were a few teeth scattered about.
“But,” Vlad said, “What did you do with the other twenty kilos?”
Vinny’s face turned white. “No,” he said, “No, I swear, it was only a fifty kilo shipment.”
“That’s right,” Vlad said. He set the chainsaw down and left.
Vinny tried to move his head to see where Vlad had gone, but the neck brace was too tight.
Vlad returned quickly.
“Hey,” Vlad said, “How many pounds are in a kilo?”
“Umm,” Vinny said. He was terrified. Was this a test? Was he going to be killed if he didn’t know the answer? He thought back to his 4th grade math class. What was it that Mrs. Knight had said? He couldn’t remember. He had spent too much time crying in 4th grade. That little bitch Stacy used to bully him. Suddenly, Vinny remembered! “About two point two,” Vinny said. Relief washed over him. This man was going to let him go. It had all been a mistake.
“Thanks,” Vlad said, writing something on the back of a Hobby Lobby catalogue.
“Aren’t you going to let me go now?” Vinny asked.
Wordlessly, Vlad left again.
When he returned, he was carrying three dumbbells.
“What’re those?” Vinny asked, bewildered, “What are you doing?”
“Hold these,” Vlad said. He put one of the dumbbells in Vinny’s left hand. “This one is twenty pounds.” He put another dumbbell in Vinny’s right hand. “And so is this one.”
Vinny was terrified. His wrists were still chained to the table and now he was holding exercise weights. What was going on here?
“This one,” Vlad said, “Is two point five pounds. I wish I had some two-pound weights for today, or a four-pound weight, but I don't think they make them.” He looked at the tiny black dumbbell. “Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed that I even own a weight that’s this small. I’ve never used it.” He tossed it in the air and caught it. “I mean, it’s so tiny. What would anyone possibly use this for?”
Vinny shivered. Was this another question? He looked up at the guillotine, and the frayed strand of yarn holding it aloft. But he knew the answer! He would get this one right! He wasn’t going to die yet!
“They-They-,” Vinny sputtered, “They use those weights for jogging. You carry them when you jog,”
Vlad looked at him thoughtfully. “Oh yeah,” he said, “Anyways, I want you to hold this with your chin, okay?” Vlad carefully balanced the small weight on Vinny’s Adam’s apple. Vinny clamped down on it with his chin. It pressed painfully onto his throat. He let out a bizarre strangled gurgle.
“Oh,” Vlad said, “Does that hurt?”
Vinny couldn’t move his head much because of the neck brace, but he gave a slight nod.
“Okay,” Vlad said, “We’ll just put this on your chest then.” And he moved the weight to Vinny’s chest.
“So,” Vlad said, showing Vinny the equations he’d written on the back of his Arts & Crafts supply catalogue, “Assuming there are 2.2 pounds in every kilo, then twenty kilos equals 44 pounds, yes?”
Vinny gaped at him.
“Well,” Vlad said, “You’re holding forty pounds in your hands. And 2.5 pounds on your chest. That’s 42.5 pounds. We’re a pound and a half short of 44.”
Vlad drew out a revolver. In an instant, he tossed it end over end, snatched it out of the air, cocked the hammer and shoved the barrel into Vinny’s gaping mouth.
Vlad blushed a little and removed the gun from Vinny’s mouth. “Didn’t mean to do that,” he said sheepishly, “Reflexes.” He carefully balanced the gun on Vinny’s forehead. “Don’t move,” he cautioned.
“For the sake of argument,” Vlad spoke in the tone of a college lecturer, “Let’s say that my gun weighs a pound and a half. Agreed?”
The gun was precariously resting on his forehead. Vinny didn’t dare nod in agreement with Vlad. For the moment, he was too scared to speak. He moved his eyes up and down as if they were nodding ‘yes’. Lines of sweat trickled across his forehead, winding their way around the electrodes and the gun.
“So,” Vlad said, “That’s 44 pounds of stuff that I’ve added to your mass. Twenty kilos.” Vlad paused. “How much do you weigh?” he asked.
Vinny stammered.
“In KILOS,” Vlad demanded.
Eventually Vinny answered, “A hundred.”
“A hundred kilos,” Vlad said. He looked thoughtful for a moment. “You came in here weighing one hundred kilos.”
Vinny’s eyes nodded.
“I promise you,” Vlad said, “That you’ll still weigh one hundred kilos when you leave.”
Vinny felt relieved. He couldn’t believe it. Vlad was going to let him leave!
Vlad began to unchain Vinny’s left leg. And then it was free! Vinny lifted his leg and stretched it out. He had been getting a cramp. He started doing ankle rolls.
“Can you take the gun off my head please?” Vinny asked.
“What?” Vlad said, “Why would I do that?”
Vinny stared at him. “You said you were letting me go,”
“I am,” Vlad said, “But right now, you weigh one hundred and twenty kilos. I made you a promise.”
“But I-,” Vinny said, “I don’t…” He trailed off, looking at the dumbbells in his hands and on his chest.
“Nooooooo!” he screamed, “Nooo, what are you doing to me?”
Ignoring him, Vlad picked up Vinny’s left leg and dropped it back to the table. “How much do you think this leg weighs?” Vlad asked, holding a sharpie marker in one hand.
Vinny was screaming unintelligibly.
“You know,” Vlad said, “My dad always said ‘Measure twice; cut once’.”
Vinny screamed.
“But,” Vlad said, “I’ve always been more of a guesstimator.” He drew a line on Vinny’s pantleg, somewhere in mid-thigh. He picked up the chainsaw.
“No,” Vinny pleaded, “Please, this isn’t fair. I don’t want these dumbbells, I want my leg.”
“Fair?” Vlad said, “This is perfectly fair. This is exactly what you did to your man in Istanbul. You gave him twenty kilos of cut and thirty kilos of product. That’s not what he wanted.”
“What?” Vinny asked suddenly, “How do you know that?”
“Who do you think hired me?” Vlad said.
He raised the chainsaw over his head and was about to pull the cord to re-start it when he heard a noise.
“Ding!” went the noise, “You’ve got mail!”
Vlad lowered the chainsaw. “Hang on a sec,” he said to Vinny.
Vlad walked over to his desktop computer and clicked an icon on his AOLmail page. A new contract! Vlad opened the email. It contained a password and a link to someone’s private Facebook photo album. Someone named ‘mollybear2005’. There was only one image on the photo album. It was loading very slowly. Vlad still hadn’t upgraded his 56k.
There was another link in the email. It said something about ‘bitcoin’. Someone was trying to pay him over the internet. But how does that work? It didn’t seem safe. Vlad didn’t like it.
Still, a job was a job. He sat in front of the computer, drumming his fingers on the desk while the image loaded.
Suddenly, there was a SWOOSH, a THUMP, and a BANG!
“Jesus Vinny,” Vlad said, turning around, “What did you do?”
The guillotine was stuck an inch deep into the operating table. Vinny’s head was rolling across the canvas on the floor. The revolver was on the canvas too. There was a smoking bullet hole in the canvas.
Vlad sighed. That wasn’t the composition he had wanted at all. Slowly, he cleaned up his torture instruments and rolled away the operating table. With Superglue, he permanently attached everything to the canvas exactly where it had fallen. There were some nice shades of red. The piece was asymmetrical, but that was okay. It had a good flow. He would hang it up on the wall once the glue had dried.
He returned to his computer. The image had loaded. It was written in crayon, on personal stationary. The message said, “Big Job—Help me now!”
Vlad glanced at the address on the stationary. He could be there in ten minutes.
He ran through his revolving bookcase and hopped on his motorcycle. The engine growled. He tore through his secret tunnel and soon he was on Oak street going full-speed. And then he was there, at the Johnson family residence, 223 Spruce St.
There was a little girl in the front yard, crying. She looked up when he approached.
“Are you the assassin?” she asked.
Vlad looked at her skeptically, and then nodded.
“HOORAY!” the girl exclaimed. “I’m Molly and this is Cuddles.” She held out a stuffed unicorn. It was worn out in some places, presumably from excessive cuddling.
“Come with me,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading him inside the house.
Her room had Carebear wallpaper. The colors were too loud for Vlad’s tastes. And the fluffy pink comforter on the bed clashed terribly with the green and blue froggy-pond rug.
“I got your message,” Vlad said.
“And?” the little girl said, excitedly, “Did you kill Stacy yet?”
“No,” Vlad said, “Is the target named Stacy?”
“DUH!” the girl said, “I sent you all the info already.”
“What?” Vlad said, “No you didn’t.”
“Did so,” the girl said, crossing her arms. “I texted you.”
“What’s a text?” Vlad asked.
The girl laughed. She had a cute laugh, with dimples and baby teeth. “You’re funny,” she said.
“Seriously,” Vlad said, “What’s a text?”
Her expression changed. She looked at Vlad with sympathy. “It’s like sending an IM on your phone,” she explained carefully. Vlad handed her his phone and she showed him how to look at his text messages. She also helped him change his phone’s background image from the default to a Van Gogh. Vlad felt quite pleased. Next, she helped him pick out a new ringtone. They didn’t have any Wagner, so he settled for Bizet’s theme from Carmen.
They returned to the text message.
“So the target’s name is Stacy,” Vlad said, “and she lives next door. That’s what all of these abbreviations mean?”
Stacy nodded. “Yeah. And ‘ty’ means ‘thank you’.”
“Oh,” Vlad said, “Well that’s a very polite thing to say. You’re a good little girl.” He paused. “So how do I get paid?”
“I sent you a link to my bitcoin wallet,” the girl said, “And I gave you the encryption key. You can have the whole wallet, my life savings.”
“And,” Vlad said, “How much is that?”
“Well,” the girl said, “Bitcoins fluctuate, so it could be a lot more money really soon if the market for them goes up,”
“How much is it now,” Vlad said.
“Twenty-three dollars and forty-two cents,” the girl said, looking at the floor.
Vlad flew into a rage. He took out his knife stabbed it deep into her computer desk.
“This isn’t enough money little girl,” he rasped.
“Do you know what it feels like when someone offers to buy an artist’s work?” He asked.
“It feels tasty.” He licked his knife. A droplet of blood appeared on his tongue. He closed his mouth and savored the taste.
“Do you know what it feels like when a buyer lowballs you? When a buyer lowballs you harder than you’ve ever been lowballed before??” He stabbed her stuffed unicorn in the throat. Gouts of white stuffing popped out.
“IT FEELS TERRIBLE!” he screamed at her, spittle flying into her pigtails.
There was a silence. The girl looked like she was about to cry.
There was a voice from downstairs. “Moollllyy?” the voice said, “Molly, is everything alright up there?”
Molly put on a brave face. “Yes Moommm,” she called back.
“Okay,” Mom called. “Do you want a banana smoothie Molly? I’m about to make one.”
“No thanks mom,” Molly yelled back.
Vlad sat there awkwardly, breathing heavily. He calmed himself.
Molly took the knife out of Cuddles the Unicorn’s throat, and began putting the stuffing back inside.
“I’m sorry I did that,” Vlad said.
“It’s okay,” Molly said, “Cuddles is tough. He’s tougher than me.”
“Why do you want to kill this Stacy girl anyway?” He asked.
“She bullies me,” Molly said, “Look, I’ll show you.” She logged onto her facebook and began pulling up chat conversations.
Vlad read them with interest.
“She called me a stupid fathead,” Molly pouted.
“No!” Vlad said aghast, “She didn’t! Did she?”
Molly nodded. And there it was, in plain text on the chatlog.
A distant memory surfaced in Vlad’s creaky old brain. He had once been called a stupid fathead too. Back when he was in the 4th grade… He had been tormented by a female bully every day. What was her name? It was Stacy, wasn’t it? Yes, it was Stacy. It was her constant teasing that had influenced him to drop out of elementary school, forever ruining his dreams of becoming a doctor. Oh, how things would have been different if someone had been there to make Stacy shut up… This appeared to be a problem for every generation.
“I won’t kill her,” Vlad said, “She’s too small-time for that. But I can give her a good scare.”
Molly looked up at him with tears of gratitude in her eyes. “Thank you,” she said.
She blinked back the tears. “How much do I have to save up for you to scare her?” She asked.
“Don’t worry,” Vlad said, “This one’s pro bono.”
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Top 5 Safest Cryptocurrency Wallets In 2019 - YouTube HOW TO STORE BITCOIN ON A LEDGER NANO S (Hardware Wallet ... Huawei to Offer Bitcoin Wallet in App Store Getting your Private Keys from the Bitcoin Core wallet ... THE BEST BITCOIN WALLET: How to store your Bitcoin and what's THE BEST cryptocurrency wallet for you

Hot wallets refer to Bitcoin wallets used on internet connected devices like phones, computers, or tablets. Because hot wallets run on internet connected devices there is always a risk of theft. Think of hot wallets like your wallet today. You shouldn’t store any significant amount of bitcoins in a hot wallet, just as you would not walk around with your savings account as cash. If only used ... Bitcoin wallets that store your private keys on external devices, such as encrypted USB sticks or similar. The most popular brands are hardware wallets by Trezor and Ledger. Paper wallets. The term generally refers to a physical copy ... Welcome to digital wallets. When you buy, earn, or send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin (BTC), the coins will appear in your digital wallet (aka Bitcoin wallet). This wallet is typically an app that you download to your phone or desktop, but there are other variations, such as web wallets and hardware wallets. Depending on how much Bitcoin you own and how often you want to access it, different ... Blockchain wallet is one of the oldest wallets in the industry, being in the game for as long as 6 years now. It has also held the positions of the most visited Bitcoin websites back in 2013.. Although it’s much more than just a “bitcoin wallet”. Bitcoin wallets are created to help users store their funds in safety. When using one of the wallets suggested above, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin is safe. Of course, as aforementioned, some wallets are better than others. For that reason, if safety and security are your highest priority, it is best to not use online/mobile wallets.

[index] [39015] [46244] [45097] [46221] [12260] [42018] [35997] [2737] [30324] [22408]

Top 5 Safest Cryptocurrency Wallets In 2019 - YouTube

sudo adduser USER_NAME debian-tor - Edits to bitcoin.conf: proxy= bind= onlynet=onion dnsseed=0 dns=0 addnode=nkf5e6b7pl4jfd4a.onion addnode=yu7sezmixhmyljn4.onion Edits to ... In today's video I show you guys the top 5 safest crypto wallets to store your crypto in. Make sure not to use exchanges to store your crypto! Not your keys,... 0:33 What is a Bitcoin Wallet 3:03 Best cryptocurrency wallet 3:30 Cold Wallets 3:43 Hardware Wallets 4:52 Paper Wallets 5:30 Hot Wallets 6:10 Mobile/Desktop Wallets 7:14 How to install a ... I will be showing you how to set up a Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency hardware wallet so you can safely store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on an offl... Transferring Bitcoins to my wallet. How to get free Bitcoins and me transferring bitcoins to my blockchain wallet. Thanks for watching! Please Rate, Comment ...